Blue Mule

Tim Farnham, President, CEO

The man behind the machine

While working as a consultant and machine repair tech in the can industry, Tim realized that the machines were in drastic need of modernization. To achieve optimal equipment efficiency (OEE) it would be necessary to introduce replacement parts manufactured with the light-weight, durable, high-tech materials and lube-less mechanisms which have been developed in recent years. He felt it was time to leave the “heavy metal era” behind. In conversations with maintenance supervisors, he determined that the industry was very eager to implement such innovations.

In 2007 Tim filed for his first patent–The Lube-less Necker Cylinder. Numerous other patents have followed. These products make up the BlueMule Industrial Innovations line of SCI Solutions, Inc. Tim serves as president for the company and is responsible for the continued development of cutting-edge products designed to solve the many challenges facing manufacturers today.

Tim remains convinced that steel and aluminum cans will remain the best choice for food and beverage packaging due to their affordability, strength and recyclability. He foresees increased demand as more products convert to these types of packaging, and thus, the need for improved productions methods to meet this demand. Through the application of his progressive approach to problem solving he is confident of the industry’s ability to grow through increased efficiency.